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Please Stop

Episode 1 · 1 year ago

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Welcome to pleas, Stop Im AnnaIvocation abet and we're here to bring ye a holisticcritique of Christian media and pop culture through humor on a feat andthought provoking discussion. I heard of Resig, I'm not sure if thisis true, but back in the day when they Liv piwent on the plane, one of themhad oned them at a Christian. One of them had to be an ory Christian that soI have done that. Yet I do not dio' go that O, but I believed it s for a whole yeah. I had to look atthe listing. Teth Amassi. Do you you Rit Vantic, so I have a degree, anministery o God that would do. It was a...

...really tente taper or you didn't, expand your mind alittle bit and think- Oh, maybe maybe maybe it's bigger tenoughmaybe, it'shotter than that right. There is such a fearing question: AintoAndin, the Bible, th, the decited question dreasy Ong time. So why is itso Inglit me on this. My favorite givingpotece soteo o...

...welcome to silly songs, wit, Larry,exactly Jee O letting Shovasil. You Move Your LifeWell, and Hell is what you like. Yosh y like Si is the consequence. It'snot Yeno conidennsiniconsedent. Please join us for the first episode ofthe pleas DOF PTA airing on the thwent y ninth of July. Episodes will bereleased to Fortnightley wherever you listen to your favorite POCA. Pleasefollow us some facebook and Instogram by searching. PLEASE STOP POTAS.

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